Hey everyone Captain Kip Grunloh here with the May 2nd, 2015 fishing report. I had a great family today on the boat, we fished Lake Toho – Orlando. We ended up with 25 fish today, with the biggest bass being 7 lb 5 oz. It was a little cold out there this morning, we caught […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech, with your Lake Toho – Orlando May 4th, 2015 fishing report. I took Brian and Sara out to go fishing this morning. She got a big fish! Sara: We went out on the water this morning and I caught a 7 lb 6 oz Large-mouth bass, which is way […]

This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with another fishing report from Lake Toho, Today I guided Paul, Phil, Ethan, Tim and Jack from Ontario Canada on Lake Toho. We shiner fish on Lake Toho, it was a brand new experience truly all new. They had never done this style of fishing, it’s always great to get […]

Hi and good morning from Captain John Leech, Out on the Lake Toho today with TJ. First thing in the morning the fish were schooling again, made for some great fishing and very rapid action for the first few hours. We ended up doing quite well using top-water for the first hour or so and […]

Roberto Roman from Puerto Rico out on the Lake Hi, this is Captain John Leech. I just had Roberto Roman, from Puerto Rico out on the lake and we got a bunch of fish today. I would say, give or take (20) twenty to (25) twenty-five fish. They caught all the fish using a Carolina […]

Two Eagles Fishing on Lake Toho Hey this is Captain John Leech, Spent yesterday and today out on the water looking for some fish for upcoming trips and everything. Had a great day both days, caught (12) twelve to (14) fourteen in a bout (2-1/2) two and a half hours. fish night. But today was […]

Another Florida Trophy Catch Bass Hey, this is Captain John Leech…today I went out fishing Ray Peters and buddy Jim and I am going to give the phone and let him tell you what we did today. Hey, we had a great trip with John. We caught (72) seventy-two bass all on artificial lures, our […]

Hello Captain John Leech here! Another awesome day on the water for this Orlando Fishing Adventures. It was hot, the sun was shining and it got warm…but the fishing was hotter! Warm weather and the fish were still biting, we had over 50 fish on artificial lures Mostly the Bass Assassin lure hook tail worm using it with a 1/8oz weight. […]

Jason, took his 6 year old son bass fishing in Central Florida.  They did a Super Half (six hour) fishing trip on Lake Toho with Capt John Leech. It is always great to see parents getting their kids involved in fishing at a young age.  They had some great father and son bonding time, while […]

Hello, Captain Tony Summers here today with a fishing report from Lake Toho. We fished today on Lake Toho part of the Kissimmee Chain of lakes located just South of Orlando Florida. Fishing with Steve Gerth, a truck driver down from Wisconsin took a day off to go out fishing. It was a beautiful fall […]