Customer Bass Fishing Video Florida Bass Fishing does not get any better than this customer found out. Bass Online long time customer Chad Warner, made us this video in appreciation of the great Florida fishing trips he has had. The video really represents the fun he has had with us over the years. Chad tells […]

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Video BassOnline Fishing Outfitter is pleased to announce that we have introduced a new Peacock bass fishing video with incredible under water footage. The video was made with the help of North American Fishermens Dan Larsen with additional partners and was created to air nationwide and be available by download from […]

Florida Bass Fishing Video BassOnline, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with several partners and will be creating fishing videos that will air nationwide and be available by download from sources such as and, Florida’s largest provider of Florida freshwater fishing tours will is the selected outfitter for […]

As bass fishing continues to gain popularity, you can’t but help to see it overflowing in to other industries. These are not the first songs someone has written about fishing, artist like Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson are just few that have with great success. But none have targeted the bass fishing industry better then […]