Today I took out Mike Ellis and his good buddy out in the Florida Everglades. I did go some where different, we went way out in the flats to a few spots recently found while out pre fishing for tournament’s. It was an awesome day fishing, a few chunky bass in the 3 to 4 […]

Bloomfields Health & Fitness Magazine The Everglades: More than just a fishing experience written by Paul Udouj The sun had just starting sipping on its morning coffee as our boat slowly cut its way through the vast ocean of high grass. Our top of the line Skeeter bass boat made is way along a stream […]

On December 27, Danny and Carlo Duadagno residents of Miami wanted some Everglades bass action. This trip was complements of Carlo wife Tressy. The day started out okay, with fish being caught on artificial bait up to 5lbs. As the day went on it pickup and we landed 15 nice largemouths in just 4 short […]

I was off to the Florida Everglades with the Guerrera Brothers from Danbury Connecticut. What a gorgeous morning in October, with blue bird sky’s. Sometimes those clear sky days are tough, and only a true anglers are the ones that reel in the fish and that’s just what happened. Using artificial baits we caught few […]

In April on the 8, 9, and 10, for three great days, I had the honor of fishing with two crazy guys Vinny and Melvin out of Pennsylvania. These Guys are repeat snowbird clients for the last four years that come to South Florida to thaw out from the cold weather. I informed the guys […]

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Bruce Cantrell of Shawnee, OK . Bruce was very experienced at bass fishing, he told me about the times of fishing the red man. Also, about other local tournaments that he would do today when he got back home. So, we put him to the test in […]

Today I had the pleasure of taking out Dave Victor from Kentucky out for a 6 hour trip in the Everglades, we started off in the flats of the Everglades. It was beautiful out there, we missed a few fish around 5 pounds each. This was Dave’s first time throwing top water frogs, fishing it […]

Today I took out Brian McCully and his girlfriend from Wallingford, Pa. Brian wanted to experience the Everglades flats fishing, so of we went way out in the everglades flats. Brian was mostly interested in try to get top water bites, so I we tied multi able different buzz frogs and some hollow body frogs […]