Hey everyone, Captain Kip Grunloh here with the May 4th, 2015 fishing report. I had an awesome couple from Brazil today, we fished Lake Toho – Orlando for six hours and caught some nice fish. The wind really picked up this afternoon so fishing got a little tough…we still caught some nice fish though. Diana […]

Yeah. Hi, this is Captain John Leech, Went out fishing today with my buddy Jim Sweatman and his friend Ray Peters out this morning. We had a great morning landing (91) ninety-one bass. Caught then all on different things, it was just one of those days. The best lure at the end of the day […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech with another Lake Toho fishing report, Today I took Mike Roderick and his three teenagers out on Lake Toho for an afternoon trip. Were they ever so happy they took the one girl along with them, what a bounce it ended up being. Look at the picture you will […]

A very big thank you to Capt. John for taking the boys fishing. ¬†They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it’s all Luke now talks about. Thanks very much again and take care. Lisa Ogden

Hello everybody this is Captain Kip, I wanted to let everybody know how the fishing was today. I took out Kenneth Mortensen, Helle Hasling and their two sons Sebastian and Tim ages 14 and 11. The fishing was great, we burned up four dozen shiners by 9:30 am The biggest fish weighed 5 Lb They […]