Mike’s bucket list included catching a peacock bass and he was able to fulfill Hey folks, this is Tony Masiello down in sunny South Florida. I recently did a trip, a quick half-day trip on Lake Ida. I fished with Mike and his family. These half-days when the fish are biting they go by so […]

Hey every-buddy, this is Captain Tony Masiello down in South Florida come to you from Lake Ida. I had the pleasure of taking out Marty and Robert from Michigan. The day started off pretty good, we started the day using live-bait catching a mixture of large-mouth bass and peacock bass. The sun got high over […]

Blake goes Peacock Bass Fishing for his Birthday Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson with another daily fishing report from Lake Ida. Today I had out Jeremy Burson and his son Blake, today was Blake’s birthday! Blake told his dad he wanted to go Peacock bass fishing for his birthday. Jeremy and family recently […]

Ralph, Robin and Kyle from New York staying in Florida Keys Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting in with your daily fishing report for Bass Online. Today I had out Ralph, Robin and Kyle, all down from New York staying in the Florida Keys and came up to fish with me on Lake […]

Peacock Bass Summer Slam on Lake Osborne Hey this Captain Dave Lauer calling in September 10th and we went to Lake Osborne again with my client Jeffrey White his son Jordan. I know it sounds like a repeat of every other time we’ve gone there.  But we went through (120) one hundred and twenty shiners […]

Peacock Bass Fishing with Ross and Wendy Bass Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson doing daily fishing report for today. Over at Lake Ida today, we went Peacock bass fishing. I had Ross Bass and Wendy Bass out for three days, today was the first day we went out. We caught over (40) forty […]

Journey on the Peacock bass Adventure today with Capt Brett Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting for Bass Online. This is your daily fish report, today I was out at Lake Ida for short (4) four hour day. With Peter and Nancy,  Nancy is over (85+) eighty five years old. Peter was her […]

This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from the Southeast Region, today were fishing Lake Ida in Delray Beach Florida. Today’s clients were Terry Mahan and his son Terrance, it was a (4) four fishing trip we had sunny shies and about (90) ninety degrees and low winds. It was pretty much strictly a Peacock bass […]

Lake Ida Delray Beach Fishing Hello this is Capt Brett Isackson, this is your freshwater fishing report today. We were over at Lake Ida, we did a (4) four-day which I had a two-day trip with Greg for Peacock bass. The first day we went to Miami, we got chased off the water by rain […]

Delray Beach Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Hey, this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in, today’s August 4th, 2014. I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff White his son Jordan from Delray Beach Florida Peacock bass fishing. The weather was Sunny, it was hot but then we all day long we had a nice breeze […]