Peacock Bass Fishing Palm Beach County on Lake Ida Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson, reporting for BassOnline daily special fishing report. Out at Lake Ida today fishing for Peacock bass. We caught 48 Peacock bass, is a (6) six-hour day. We caught (12) twelve on top-water lures and the rest were on live […]

Palm Beach Summer Fishing Fest with Capt Brett Hey there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting from Lake Ida today.  I had a six-hour trip today for Peacock  Bass with Mike and Mike Walden Jr we caught over 19 Peacock bass. We also caught a Clown Knifefish and a couple of nice largemouth bass. Everything […]

Lake Osborne Bass Fishing on Spring Break Blane with his 8.5 lbs bass, one of 25 caught on March 22, 2011 with Capt Doug. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Doug ( 888-829-BASS

Peacock Bass fishing with Palm Beach Charles Dominique on two boat trip. These guys were great, using livebait they group caught of 50 exotic, beautiful, hard fighting, Peacock bass. This has become an annual event for Charles and his friends. Looking forward fishing again with you. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From […]

October23, 2009 the Surette brothers from West Palm Beach and Michigan came fishing for some hard fishing Peacocks Bass. With the record heat index, we decided on an afternoon trip on Lake Ida fishing for both largemouth bass and peacock bass. The Surette’s caught a few large-mouths along the way, but after catching the first […]

On July 23, 2009 all the way from Houston Texas. David Jacobs and grandson Jake, came onboard for some exotic peacock bass fishing. It was a tough day for Peacock bass, but those Texans managed to hook it up and reel em in. Texans are tough, they caught 6 peacocks, 4 largmouth bass and 30 […]

Jon & Krista decided on a nice little fishing in South Florida while visiting. So, off they went for a 6 hour trip wanting to catch a combonation of largemouth and peacock bass which South Florida is the only that can be accomplished. After a nice day of fishing, they landed 7 peacocks and 3 […]

Wow what a month of fishing on the big O (Lake Okeechobee) with huge numbers fish of all sizes some on the beds during the full moon phases, some schooling bass and cruising bass every were. This month started with my friend Allen of Hilton head, SC… he fished 6 days in a row and […]

The Kopek family and friend Nate went on a Bass & Peacock fishing adventure on April 26, 2009. There’s only one place to do both in South Florida and that’s Lake Ida and Lake Osborne chain of lakes. The trip end with a mess of fish and good time was had by all. Till next […]