Today I had the pleasure of taking out repeat customers to Lake Ida for a short afternoon trip. We bounced around to different holes and bye the end of day we caught 20 different fish up to three pounds. We used mostly shiners, which we caught peacock, largemouth and two nice clown knife fish. Till […]

What a month this has been with cold fronts. The temp has gone from low 50’s to med 70’s and when the water goes below 60, it is very hard to get bits on live bait or artificial. This month we had the two biggest tournaments of the year with good weather for a change, […]

Today we had the pleasure of fishing with the Ron Wise and family visiting from Canada. Because of the size of the group they needed two boats, so Captain Donny Biggs and I worked as a team and had a great time do so. We only had a short time to take out the Wise […]

Today I took out Hale White and his wife from Thompson, Tenn., what a great young couple. The day started off with a monster explosion that got away, I would say it was 8 to 9 pounds by the look of it. After that loss, it took a bit to re-group and start fishing again. […]

Today I had a little break on the sunrise to sunset trips and changed out with Capt Tony another one of our guides. I took out Casey and Allison from St Paul, MN which were down on there honeymoon…Congratulations! So we went out in the Everglades to catch a big Florida largemouth bass, with the […]

Well all I can say for this day Phillip and I went out to search for new water and had another excellent day of fishing for large mouth bass on this day. I managed to get Phillip his largest bass ever, it weighed in at 6 pounds on this day as we caught more largemouth […]

Today was anther good day of Bass Fishing Florida, it was may turn to take out Phillip from Switzerland. He is fishing with us for the next six days and is coming back a week later for another four days, what a die hard fishermen this guy is! I will tell you something, this man […]

Today I had the pleasure of taking more of our repeat customers that have been coming to us for over 6 years. What a good group of people, Joe and Athena Mitchell for the Bronx in NY are on a 3 day package trip. They selected one of the many discounted trips we offer, as […]

What a good day we had today in the Everglades with Tony Miresse, his son Mark and his friend Eric Burton. When Tony told me it was Eric birthday today and he ask, “how’s the fishing.” I said, it was a little slow in the Everglades but were still catching fish. I suggested to them, […]