Had a great day on the water with Todd and his son. They fished Lake Okeechobee and had a blast!  They caught a lot of fish and made memories that will last forever in the process. When was the last time you took your kid fishing? Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt Dave Lauer (fishing@bassonline.com) […]

I had a really interesting trip in the canals of South Florida recently. We went Peacock bass fishing. The Peacocks, Mayan, Oscar and Midas cichlids have all been introduced to the waterways there by aquarium owners that could no longer keep up with these South American fish. The Peacocks grow into the 8- 10 lb […]

Team Mojo, what a good group of guys. They have been fishing with us for the last five years. Paul, Steve, Frank, Brian, Nelson, and Rich spent three days fishing with three boats out at a time. Captain Roger, Captain Tony and me, Captain Brett, had them fish the Big O and Miami for peacock-bass. […]

Good morning Captain Todd Just wanted to say thanks for a great fishing weekend. I have wanted to fish for Peacock Bass for several years and putting that first peacock in the net was one very exciting for me. After my best bud Matt saw the pictures, he’s the guy that got me hooked on […]

Jon & Krista decided on a nice little fishing in South Florida while visiting. So, off they went for a 6 hour trip wanting to catch a combonation of largemouth and peacock bass which South Florida is the only that can be accomplished. After a nice day of fishing, they landed 7 peacocks and 3 […]

Today I had the pleasure of doing an afternoon trip with Karl and Brad two brothers which were down for 4 days to have a good time and catch lots of bass. Capt Tony had them out for the first three days, they had such a great time they decided last minute to go out […]

Today was a good day, we had a six boat trip go out in the Everglades. Yes, six boats is not a problem at all we have the largest staff of guides in the state. Six boats are really a pleasure, it’s not to big but just right size to provide them with the personal […]

Today was a slow day on the water for the Florida Everglades standards, but we managed to make it a really good day of fishing. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with John Smith from Canada . John was very good at fishing, he was able to work every bait I gave him. As […]

Today we had the pleasure of fishing with the Ron Wise and family visiting from Canada. Because of the size of the group they needed two boats, so Captain Donny Biggs and I worked as a team and had a great time do so. We only had a short time to take out the Wise […]

Today I had the pleasure of taking out some repeat customers from Cooper City, Florida. John, Grampa Rod and little 5 year old Ethan. These guys have been just about everywhere with me, so I told them lets go to a diffrent spot this time around. I beleive we can catch more peacock bass and […]