Tampa to North Carolina to go Fish Okeechobee

Hey, this is Captain Dave Lauer reporting in today’s August 31 for Sunday where they came from Tampa to North Carolina to go Fish Okeechobee.

We went out to Lake Okeechobee today, the weather was sunny with a beautiful breeze. We fished till 10:30 and that breezes was just perfect out there, made the day very comfortable. Today I took out of Jeffrey Warmington turn from Wellington Florida, and his friend Rich originally from Tampa. Now residing up in the mountains of North Carolina,  I’m sure he was warm out there.

We started off the day throwing artificial in the Kissimmee grass and I think they each boated (3) three (2 – 2-1/2) two to two and a half pounders on anything from Spinner-baits to Swim-jig and we had several other blow ups on the swimjig and the spinnerbait but they didn’t hook up. The we ended up getting out the golden delicious shiners for the last (2) two to (2-1/2) two and a half hours and worked our way inside a little bit. We found an opening with a nice reed-head, and then proceeded to use up (3) three dozen shiners and caught (4) four or (5) five fish in the (3-1/2) three in a half to (4) four pound range. And several other (2-1/2) two and a half pounders, it was a GOOD day. We caught some other fish, caught a big dog-fish and a catfish. It was a fun day, there was steady action all day!

This is Captain Dave signing out on Sunday August 31…tight lines, every-buddy!