Captain Mark Shepard here with your April 14th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Well folks, out in the water today with Jacob and his dad Robert from Indiana. Great guys! They have fished with me in the past. Jacob is 20 years old, every time we go fishing he wants to get a 10 pounder. We caught a lot of fish today, specially an 8 pounder 23 3/4 inches long.  Big fish for a young man, I know a lot of older guys that haven’t caught one that big. The charm of fishing is that you do not know exactly what are you going to face when you get in the water, it is always exciting….but I have to admit it was a beautiful one. Fantastic day even though wind picked on us when we got there. Huge numbers! We went throughout 10-dozen shiners…It was just a beautiful day on the Lake.

This was Mark Shepard, tight lines.