Hello this is Captain Robert E Miley fishing Aerojet Canal. It is a really cool 97 degree day here in sunny South Florida. You norther fellas come down and enjoy a little of this hot weather, the peacock bass are biting!

I was at Aerojet Canal today, I fished with Mr. Lennhart, Ted and Ray…they were from Louisiana. We used some artificial lures and we went through 10-dozen shiners. Four pounds was the biggest one in our boat, but we caught lots of fish…lots of peacock bass. Most of the fish were in the 2-3 pound range. If you would like to come south, summer time is heating up, peacock bass are biting along with the large-mouth. We caught several large-mouth bass, 2-4 pound ones. We had a great day, we went out in a 4-hour trip and the wind started to pick up in the afternoon around 1 o’clock when we were getting ready to get out of the water. It was a nice day all around.

If you guys want to come out and get a little action call BassOnline, tight lines!