What a good group of guys, they all work for Purina Pet food company. If you like the outdoors and have animals give Purina a try, the folks there love the outdoors.

Mark, Rob, and Chris called me up just to make sure they where not using live bait, they fish tournaments back home and wanted to use artificial lures only. Of coarse, I said no problem lets go fishing and see what you can do. It did not take long for me to realize these boys are some serious tournament fisherman.

This was going to be adventure for sure, they had scheduled a sunrise to sunset trip so I know we were going to have a long day of fishing. The day went a little better then expected and it was not without the highs and lows a long day provides, but we managed to have another great day in October which considered by most to be one of the worst months of the year for bass fishing. By the end of the day we caught 17 good solid large mouth bass and peacock bass, up to four pounds.

The fish were caught on swim baits, top water plugs and hard jerk baits style lures.

If you are visiting South or Central Florida for work or vacation and want to experience the best bass fishing that there is to offer then please give us a call. We can be reached at (888) 629-BASS or email me…

Capt Brett