Hi this is Captain Steve Niemoeller and let me tell you about our great fishing trip out on the St. Johns river today while we were brim fishing.

I had three generations on the boat…Bill, his son James and James Jr. We went out fishing for 6 hours; we fished around some beds that I found earlier this week. Brims aren’t usually packed around the beds but you can catch them outside of them. We caught around 30 that we kept, but we caught 50 or 60 in total. We had an awesome day! We really enjoyed it, James Jr. is 5 years old and it was a lot of fun to have him on the boat. His dad was worried about him wanting to go back during the first hour, we kept him so busy that the 6 hours went by really fast. Glad I took those guys out!

Give us a call 1-888-629-BASS or go online to www.bassonline.com to book a fishing trip. This was Captain Steve with your May 17th, 2015 fishing report. See you guys tomorrow!