Fishing Report on the Harris Chain of Lakes

Hello, this is Captain Steve Niemoeller with today’s fishing report on the Harris Chain of Lakes. I guided Carl and Durian from New Jersey on a (6) six-hour artificial trip on the Harris Chain of Lakes. We fished mainly Big Harris Lake.

We flipped Bass Assassin tapout baits they have been working the best over there lately. We flipped those in the Kissimmee grass, managing to catch a half-dozen fish are so today. The highlight of the day was teaching Durian to flip!

She had never flip before, didn’t have any idea of what the mechanics of it was. By the end of the day she was pretty proficient at it. So that was a good thing, I always like teaching people how they to fish new techniques they don’t know how to do. It was a lot of fun teaching her…. Like I said, we manage to catch a few fish or if they we did manage to catch even that it was a little bit slow. We had a couple of cold fronts come through on us while we were their fishing and even had to dodge a few rain drops.   All in all it was a good day, we had a good time and a lot of  fun.

Hope to have them come back and join me again sometime.

Captain Steve, so til the next time, tight lines!