Hello this is Captain Robert E. Miley and I am just leaving Airport Lakes* – Miami…Blue Lagoon.

It is 92 degrees outside, the wind is blowing. We had an awesome day in the water…peacocks are definitely biting. If you would like to come down to florida and catch one…Miami is where they are at! We caught a couple in the the 5 pound range and the rest were 2 – 4 pounds. My guests Bob and Gretchen enjoyed our fishing trip, peacocks are always fun to catch…they are tough and smart fish!

See you guys later, Captain Robert E. Miley…tight lines!

*The Miami airport lakes are next to the Miami International Airport, the airport is often noisy and congested. But this area should be avoided by traveling west to the Miami airport lakes. From the boat ramp, it is 3.0 miles to the entrance
of the Coral Gables Canal, 4.8 miles to the lateral canal connecting to McDonald Lake (which is awesome), and 7.6 miles to the intersection of Snapper Creek (immediately east of the Turnpike Extension). The non-navigable flood control structure of the Airport lakes Tamiami Canal near Krome Avenue is about 13 miles from the boat ramp. The combination of Tamiami and Snapper Creek canal systems provide urban anglers more than 43 miles of exciting fishing opportunities.

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