Hello, this is Captain Steve Niemoeller with your Lake Toho fishing report for Saturday April 11th, 2015

We had a contest going on for the West Volusia avid angler, I donated a trip to them. John Gallagher and his buddy Chris from South Florida redeemed the fishing trip and a couple of nights in the Riviera resort. John told me he has never fished for bass before, he just moved here from Wisconsin not too long ago. Fishing with shiners was also something new for him and his friend. The first bass of the day Chris actually caught it. It was kind of exciting for the guys because they have never seen something like this before. John caught a 6 pound 7 ounce bass, first ever. He caught another one 6 pounds even, two monsters on his list! We had a good time on the boat, great weather. The fishing wasn’t  really good on the river number wise, but quality was excellent! I had a good time taking them…Congratulations again to John for being the West Volusia avid angler contest winner. I hope to see you guys again!

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Thank you!