Hello this is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Well folks first off I hope that everybody had a very good Easter. We went out fishing this morning for 6 hours with Isaac and Becky from Milwaukee. First time she has ever bass-fish. We got out there and fish started biting! We caught over 60 bass, really close to 70…it was one after another one for the first part of the day and then a nice steady fight for the rest of it. The best part was when she caught her first one, it was 8-inches long. She ended up catching a 7 ½ pounder by the end of the day, we had another one over 8 pounds. Just a fabulous day, great quality fish! Strong bites…we had a blast. Women most of the time out-fish men! Overall, she did an awesome job, she caught the most amount…she just did everything right! Wonderful day I can’t say anymore!

This is Captain Mark Shepard, tight lines!