Palm Beach Offshore Fishing Charters regularly take anglers offshore to catch some of the most phenomenal sports fish found anywhere in the world, and there is a large variety of the most sought-after of them in these waters. The Gulf Stream current brings migrating fish close to shore, so we do not need to travel far to catch some of the world’s biggest game fish. You are sure to catch many of them onboard our luxury fishing boats in Palm Beach. There is a massive diversity of sports fish swimming off the coast of Palm Beach and you have the chance to catch any of them on our Palm Beach Fishing Charters. Fish such as tuna, dolphin, wahoo, grouper, blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish, shark, sailfish and snapper guarantee anglers a serious challenge. The reward of catching these giant fish is pure exhilaration and the experience comes highly recommended. Anglers come to Palm Beach to ensure that they have the highest possible chance of catching these gigantic fish because these waters literally teem with so many types of them. Our Palm Beach Fishing Charters will work with you to create your perfect fishing charter. You can target a specific fish using certain techniques, or you can try catching them all using different methods and equipment. You can go out to sea for a day or you can go out for several days from our different fishing boats in Palm Beach. Call today 800-313-3470

Take a Palm Beach fishing guide out to explore the urban canals, backcountry of the Lake Okeechobee! The most diverse freshwater fishing anywhere in the WORLD! The close proximity of the Palm Beach Beaches and the International Airport. Offering fish of so many diverse species- fishing simply does not get any better than this! We offer fishing guides out of Palm Beach for peacock bass and trophy largemouth bass and crappie to name a few. If you would like to hit our exclusive Private Lakes in Palm Beach County - It takes thirty minutes or less to reach the best fisheries. If you're looking for the the calmer waters of Lake Okeechobee, this will be more your speed; don't worry we have a guide for you. Fly fishing, live-bait fishing or all artificial lures; every part of Palm Beach shorelines is at your fingertips. No matter the style of Palm Beach bass fishing or the species, we have the perfect charter waiting for you! Call today 800-313-3470!