• Daytona Bass Fishing

Daytona Bass Fishing

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Take a Daytona Bass Fishing guide out to explore the creeks and rivers of the St Johns river. The backcountry of the St Johns River and area private lakes of the unknown are amazing! The most original freshwater fishing anywhere in the WORLD! The close proximity of the cities of Daytona beach and St Augustin offers fish of so many diverse species- fishing simply does not get any better than this! We offer fishing guides out of Daytona St Johns River area for trophy style largemouth bass fishing and world famous crappie (speck) fishing to name a few. If you would like to hit our exclusive mainas and launch ramps – It takes less than thirty minutes to reach the best fisheries from the beaches of Daytona. If you’re looking for the the calmer waters of backcountry, where the allagators are real and big, the birds chirp and fly around the boat this will be more your speed; don’t worry we have a guide for you. Fly fishing, live-bait fishing or all artificial lures; every part of St Johns River shorelines are at our fingertips. No matter the style of Daytona bass fishing you choose or the species, we have the perfect charter waiting for you!

Daytona Bass Fishing

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Lower St. Johns River and Lake largemouth bass should continue to be caught following the schools of bait fish present in the river. Anglers should plan on being out early as recreational boating reaches its peak during this time of year making many areas of the river difficult to fish even in the late evening. The redear sunfish (shellcracker) and bluegill spawn comes to an end but fishing should remain good early this period. Lake Jesup and Lake George are among the most popular bream fisheries on the river. Striped bass seek cool water in the summer and should be congregating near the mouth of Blue Springs, the Wekiva River, the Croaker Hole in Little Lake George, and at other thermal refuges in the river. Grass shrimp, small shad and eels are the preferred baits for these fish.

Our no fish, no pay guarantee on all Daytona bass fishing trips leaves us consistently standing alone at the top when it comes to credibility and reliability in the Daytona bass fishing industry.


Lake George is the second largest freshwater lake in Florida, only world-famous Lake Okeechobee is bigger in the Sunshine State. Clearly the largest with the St. Johns River system. Lake George covers some 46,000 acres or 11 miles long by 6 miles wide, George lies about halfway between the headwaters of the St. Johns River and the river’s closure with the mighty Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville.
Lake George is an average depth of 8 feet deep. The west side of the lake encompassed in the Ocala National Forest. Three major springs flow into Lake George on the west side. Salt Springs enters the northwest side of the lake through the 4.3 mile Salt Creek. Silver Glen Springs enters the lake about midway down on the west side, and multiple springs form Juniper Creek that flows into Lake George on the southwest side, with Juniper Springs at the headwater of the creek. The large island on the far north side of the lake is Drayton Island.
Topwater lures, soft jerkbaits and white spinnerbaits are some of the best choices to catch these schooling bass; however, it is important to remain flexible, because as all bass fishing goes, what’s worked today will often be ignored tomorrow.

Best known for its fantastic site fishing capabilities!


Anglers looking for largemouth action in a portion of the state that has less traffic then its counter part cities, you can find it here. Now is the time to give Lake Monroe a try!

Daytona Florida anglers don’t normally have to travel very far to find quality bass fishing. At least, they haven’t in the past. Now comes Lake Monroe things could not be a better fit.

With the entire Kissimmee Chain of lakes just Southeast and the manta Lake George due North fishing can be prolonged, in a good way. With all the feeder rivers and lakes this place has become a fish factory at times. It is also a wonderful place to conveniently have lunch on the water in the middle of the day. That’s why more than a few anglers will be giving Lake Monroe’s 9,406 acres a long look this spring.

Unlike many other central Florida lakes, Monroe has weathered the droughts and storms over the years quite nicely. As part of the St. Johns River system, it’s not going to “dry up” unless the Atlantic Ocean decides too. That’s one reason anglers are fishing it heavy in the spring. On top of that, the lake offers outstanding fishing almost all year around.

Lake Monroe mite not be on many peoples fishing list, but its on ours. It’s fun, convenient, educational and has some big BASS.

We think Lake Monroe is one of the best spring fishing spots on the St Johns River, an absolutely phenomenal fishery that has really turned on over the years. If you have not fished it all your life, then this is the best time to consider it. We put it right up there with the best central Florida has to offer during the spring spawning season.

Again a fantastic fishery with wild shiners, topwater lures, soft jerkbaits and white spinnerbaits are some of the best choices to catch these schooling bass; however, it is important to remain flexible, because as all bass fishing goes, what’s worked today will often be ignored tomorrow.



Most all of our ‘Bass’ style boat are single and dual console, Powered by 200, 225 and 250 hp outboard engines – 19′, 20′, 21′ & 22′ in length, fast and comfortable dry ride, Trolling Motor, Anchored by Power-Pole Anchoring System. This boat will provide you with comfort, stable ride, and the ability to fish the lakes and flats!

Captain Steve

Orlando Fishing Guides - Capt Steve NiemoellerCaptain Steve’s Statistics is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed and a Capt for Sea Tow. He’s been a tournament fisherman for the past 20 years and looks forward to sharing is knowledge with his customers.

Steve does not fish that day, this is your day. He will be there to help and advise you. He has the experienced and techniques that will lead you to catching lots of Bass. The beauty of Central Florida, and the weather that brought Steve from Indiana several years ago. He made many trips to Florida and found it to be some of the finest fishing around.

Capt Steve specializes in Bass, Redfish and Sea Trout.

He primarily fishes the St. John’s River between Lake Monroe to the South and Lake George, Rodman Reservoir to the North. He also fishes the Kissimmee Chain and Lake Toho, and does multi day trips.

Captain Kip

Orlando Fishing Guides - Captain Kip GrunlohCapt Kip started fishing when he was a toddler, both my father and grandfather were avid fishermen and taught him how to fish. His first big catch was at age 7 on West Lake Toho. He caught a 14 lb. 4 oz large mouth bass on a zebco 33 and 10 pound test line, obviously he has never forgotten and from that moment on he fell in love with fishing. He has entered numerous tournaments like Bassmaster’s Series, FLW, Angler’s Choice Team tournament Trail, Red Men Tournament and many others. He is proud of all his trophies which are beautifully displayed in his family room.

His grandfather Ben “Big Bass” Grunloh started guiding in Orlando after he retired from the Air force and his father and Kp followed suit as Orlando fishing guides. Kip has been guiding in the Orlando Area for the last 17 years

Captain Tony

Captain Tony Summers - Orlando Fishing GuideCapt Tony has been fishing the Central Florida (CF) area of lakes for over 15 yrs. His passion for the sport began at an early age, about 2yrs old. His dad and grandfather would take him fishing to many of the lakes here in CF and also much of the inter coastal waterways on the east coast of Florida.

Having fished national level tournaments from South Carolina, to Alabama, and throughout Florida, has given him the ability to adapted to the changing weather patterns and the many different lakes here in Florida. He has also fished in many for the nationally recognized college anglers circuits, fishing in FLW, the Boat US national championships and many University held tournaments.
He specialize in topwater and power fishing artificial baits, but also have great success with live bait.

He primarily fishes Lake Toho, the Kissimmee chain, the Harris Chain, Butler chain, Johns lake, and the famed, but not forgotten Lake Apopka.

Most all of our ‘Bass’ style boat are single and dual console, Powered by 200, 225 and 250 hp outboard engines – 19′, 20′, 21′ & 22′ in length, fast and comfortable dry ride, Trolling Motor, Anchored by Power-Pole Anchoring System. This boat will provide you with comfort, stable ride, and the ability to fish the lakes and flats!

Captain John

Orlando Fishing Guides - Capt John LeechCaptain John been fishing Central Florida for over 30 years, consider the legend in Orlando for catching BIG BASS. John is the lead Orlando fishing guides, his first Florida bass fishing trip was in 1975 when he moved to Florida as a tackle rep for Outdoor Sports Headquarters. Capt John has had an incredible amount of recognition and accomplishments from all forms of media, TV, ESPN, Field & Stream, Outdoor Channel and others. Capt John has been in many articles published over the last 25 years, he’s been interviewed 9 times in BASSMASTER Magazine over his career. John moved to Orlando/Kissimmee, because of its beauty and its incredible fishing opportunities in the outdoors.

He decided to become a Orlando Fishing Guides to share his experience and fishing knowledge of Central Florida with other fellow anglers; whether a beginner or a professional. Capt John specializes in livebait,

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before booking, during, or after your charter. We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions, but if doesn’t answer what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Air Conditioning
Most all inshore style boats are open, they have no cover or air condition


You are welcome to bring alcohol on board any of our charters, but please avoid bringing glass on board as it poses a safety hazard.

Standard bait is not included unless otherwise specified
Live bait is typically not included in the price and the cost is the responsibility of the charterer.

Most all bass boats do NOT have a bathroom (“head”) on board (but are generally close to restrooms while fishing)

Cancellations & Refunds
If not otherwise specified, our cancellation window is 72 hours or more prior to the charter for standard trips and 14 days or more for over six and yacht trips.
Customers who cancel within the cancellation window will receive a full refund of any amounts paid.
Customers who cancel after the cancellation window expires are responsible for the full amount of the charter, any catering or add ons that have been purchased, plus a 20% gratuity.

We can arrange custom catering on most all trips, ranging from drinks and snacks. Most of the locations also have access to resorts on the water for lunch.
Please contact us for a catering quote.

Children are very much welcome and permitted on all charters and there is no minimum age.

Fish Caught
Any fish that are caught on your charters and are legal to take belong to you, Florida State law regulates what you can and cannot keep.

Food & Beverage
All of our charters provide a cooler with ice for you to store any food or beverage you bring. We also provide bottled water.

A 15-20% gratuity for your Captain is customary and not included in the price.

Fishing Licenses
Everyone on freshwater charters ONLY are required by state law to purchase a temporary fishing licence. $17.00 for 3 days!

We will provide the exact address of the lake/boat with your confirmation or upon request, locations are subject to change depending on weather.

Maximum Passengers
Due to US Coast Guard regulations most freshwater charter boats are limited to a maximum of four passengers. Many of our boats will only accommodate two or three, this is why its important to let us know at the time of booking so we can get you the biggest boat available.

Unless otherwise stated or discussed, you are chartering the whole boat and there is no additional parties.

Seasickness is another term for motion sickness and typically manifests itself in the form of fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. In the freshwater charter there is no need to be worry about seasickness as the water is calm.

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